Sunday, March 16, 2014

India #11 - Day 8

If one word could describe today, it would be "Wow!" So much happened, so many people were touched by the love of God.

After a little difficulty in securing a vehicle big enough to hold our team and host pastor, we made our way out of Jammu and headed west across the mountains. The farther we traveled, the greater the Indian military presence was in the area. Heavily armed troops were everywhere. Base after base came and went as our SUV drove by. We even encountered a small convoy carrying a general and his staff.

I soon found out why: We were on the Kashmir-Pakistan border! It is a very volatile stretch of land, with both sides claiming the ground of the other. Our medical camps were in two different good-sized towns along that very border.

The first camp was held in the courtyard (think a 20x20 dung-floored surface) outside of a simple thatch-roofed house owned by a family of Believers in the middle of a farming neighborhood.

I am pretty confident I was one of the first "white people" to be in that town because there were many curious looks, and much apprehension when I approached for conversation.

Our medical team went to work seeing patients and dispensing medicines, while I moved about the courtyard helping the in-firmed, silently praying, and seeking to engage the people.

I watched as an older gentleman unhooked his small horse from an ancient cart, gather some grass on a pail, and feed it to the tired animal. The man saw me watching, came over to me and shook my hand with a smile. He reached inside his shirt and showed me attached to a chain around his neck, a cross that he he proudly wore. He was a Believer, and even though I did not understand his words, wanted me to know it!

Our second camp was held in the church building of a newly planted ministry in a different town. Here we were greeted by people anxious to see the doctors, and a pastor and team of committed servants anxious to show what God was doing. The pastor is a young man that I met six years earlier in my first visit to Jammu. Now I was able to see in person the ministry that I have been praying for.

This evening we held the second night of a three-day Crusade in the Jammu city center. Loud worship, fervent prayer, and passionate preaching marked the night.

I spoke to the people about how Jesus healed a blind man who called out to Him, and how they likewise needed to also call out to Him to have their needs met. Pastor Daniel followed with a word on God's love for us, and when the altar call was given hundreds came forward, calling out to Jesus!

Bonus: Yesterday a mother and child came to me for prayer. The mother explained that some abnormalities had been diagnosed in the child that would affect her later in life, and that extensive testing was done. The test results would be revealed the next day (today). I prayed that the results would come back negative, and that the mother would not fear but rather have faith. The mother and daughter returned tonight and with a big smile said that everything was normal with the child... The tests results were negative!

Wow! Thanks for following!


Gina Regis said...

Wow! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

The word is "Wow" Brad. What an amazing day! An amazing end for the mother and her child. To find everything normal and both in great health. What an unnerving trip right by the border. God bless you all, your hard work and prayers are all getting through. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus for these amazing people. So many would suffer more without you. My love and prayers for your safety and health. I hold you all in my heart as I continue to pray. God bless you all always. Love and peace from America.. Don't forget the pebbles Brad.. :)

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