Monday, October 15, 2007


It's finally beginning to happen: the leaves are changing color. Autumn is here! (Well, according to the calendar it has been here for a while - it's just finally beginning to look like it.) Last week the temperature hit the low 90's here in Maryland. We've had about a mouthful of rain since the middle of August and the dust on my car remains an inch thick no matter how often I wash it.

But, the leaves are finally changing color. The outward signs have not been supportive, so it hasn't felt like fall. But there they are now: red, gold and yellow. (Having spend the bulk of my years in Florida where leaves don't change color to follow the seasons, I still feel like a rookie when experiencing the colors of Autumn.)

I honestly hope I never lose the wonder of seeing leaves change color. I hope I never get bored with this annual event, taking it for granted like I do with many other things that I see as I pass by everyday.

I guess that's the key: wonder. When we see something spectacular for the first time we look in wonder. Some stand with their mouths open. Others gasp. I know of a few people who tend to fall on their knees and worship the Creator (maybe not such a bad choice). But all in all, I think it's about wonder.

So as you are looking at the leaves changing color this year (unless you live in Florida or similar climates), stop and wonder. And if you feel so inclined, fall on your knees and worship the Creator.

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