Wednesday, March 12, 2014

India #11 - Day 5

After a five hour train journey during the evening and first part of the night, we arrived somewhere sometime and checked into a hotel for some much needed rest. Travel on the Indian railway isn't like the Amtrak... But it sure beats walking!

This morning we checked out of the hotel (remember to think Motel 6) and traveled by SUV for a couple of hours across some "interesting" roads. Most of the time they were one-lane broken asphalt tracks winding through hills, but some of the time were "washed out 7-foot wide dirt and rock paths" with gullies deep enough to lose a large dog in.

Our destination was a couple of villages we were to conduct medical camps in, among new Christian believers as a result of church plants in a radical Hindu region. That's a mouthful for a purpose.

The work is difficult here, both spiritually and physically. These people live off of the land as they have for generations, scratching the earth to squeeze out cotton, corn, chenna (chick peas), mangoes, and wheat. Spiritually it is difficult because of the radical Hindu influence in the region that attacks Christian converts.

The pastors are heroes, faithfully spreading the gospel with little in return except for souls. I got the privilege of encouraging both groups from God's Word, and both pastors with simple love.

Tomorrow we travel by SUV for 6 ½ hours ( see above road description) to our next medical camp location.

Still loving it... Thanks for following!

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