Friday, February 29, 2008

The Return To India

I will be returning to India next week, leaving on Sunday, March 2nd and returning on Tuesday night, March 12th. I m very excited! India captured my heart when I was there last year, and I know that my love for the people there will only deepen this time.

I will not be returning to the area I ministered last year, but will be going to Kazipet, in the state of Andhra Predash. Our church has a Bible School there, where young pastors are trained to go and start churches in towns and villages where there is no Christian influence. I will be traveling with my senior Pastor, Charles Schmitt, who makes the journey every year at this time to minister to the students and take part in the commencement exercises.

My wife Elaine came here in 2006 so in our house, I am the rookie in Kazipet. My plan is to assist my pastor as he teaches and ministers, as well as for me to preach, evangelize and pray for people with physical and spiritual needs. I know that that it will be a fruitful and life-changing trip, both for those to whom will hear about the love of Christ and for me, as I share those life-changing words.

Please check this Blog regularly as I will be posting from India daily as I did last year.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Creative Collaboration

A colleague (and friend) and I got together last week to write a song. It was my first experience in "collaboration". In the past, I have written songs and if I had a lyric or a chord that didn't quite work, I would ask for input from another musician. This time, my friend had a song structured and some of the lyrics decided. This time I gave the input that "completed" the song.

It was a good feeling. We worked as a team, exchanging ideas, offering a word here or there, and tactfully critiquing things that didn't work. The result was a song that we think grabs the heart.

Why am I saying all this? Because I was reminded that there is great value in creating with someone else. Yes, we can produce excellent works on our own, but periodically working with another person or team gives a fresh infusion of ideas that can inspire us to even greater creativity.

Give it a try. Creative collaboration is a great way to work and create.

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