Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Living In A Fishbowl

This post may not be what the title implies to you. It's not about living in a place where everyone sees your every move. But rather it is an entirely different thought.

My wife and I recently had the privilege of traveling to South Florida and to Mexico. While we were there, we decided to try our hand at snorkeling. I must say, it was an entirely exhilarating experience!

When I was a teenager I snorkeled some in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida's east coast. But that was when I was young, in a hurry, and wasn't into appreciating the natural beauty created by the Creator.

This time it was very different. While in Cozumel, Mexico, we donned our snorkeling gear and jumped in! We immediately realized that we were in way over our heads (literally, and in the sensory-overloaded world under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico).

The beauty of the tropical fish, coral, plant life and other types of "life" were almost overwhelming. Like two kids experiencing an amusement park with the lights, sounds and "dazzle", we constantly tapped each other and pointed at the different sights.

A few days later we spent two days around rock formations in the ocean off South Florida. Again, the experience was almost breathtaking (one must be careful when under the water breathing through a tube)! Here we found ourselves literally swimming with the fishes, as schools of fish surrounded us, almost oblivious to our presence. (I need to do some research to identify them.) We even swam with a school of jack, some of them almost two feet long, and ended our final day with an encounter with a small shark (is there any such thing as a small shark?).

It was fantastic, and we are hooked! But what about living in a fishbowl. The world we saw through our masks was a world that is not seen unless one takes the time to wear the proper equipment to make seeing that world possible. In other words, the fishbowl that we peered into (even swam in) required something to make it possible to experience it (in this case, snorkeling equipment).

Sometimes, to experience an unusual, extraordinary or remarkable thing, it requires either a different perspective, a different experience or an different view. Do what it takes to see life from a new perspective. Climb into the fishbowl and have a look. You may love it!


Anonymous said...

I've been doing a lot of reflection lately. I pray I begin to look at life from a different persepective as you suggest.

Brad Lewis said...

Hey Anonymous! Thanks for your comment. I hope your time of reflection allows you to see things in a fresh way, and that as you look at life from a different perspective, you will see and experience all that the Lord has for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad!

What a wonderful post! In the "black and white", polarized thinking world of today, it's refreshing to read about someone who seeks to view the world from different perspectives. We do not live in a black and white world, either the natural world or the spiritual world. It is like a gem which has many facets, each one reflecting light and color in a different way. This is the way God created the world and those He chose to inhabit it, both human and nonhuman. We all reflect His light a little differently because we are each uniquely created. God's word is what we use to shape and smooth the facets of the gems and not the other way around.

The url I included (www.eaglepinions.com) is my very-under-construction website which I'm in the process of creating (under the tutelage of my Dreamweaver expert husband). I hope it will reflect God's light in a unique way that will cause people to think about and view His world from different points of view, like from INSIDE the fishbowl.

Bless you and your family!

Sue M.

Brad Lewis said...

Excellent insight on our "reflecting His light a little differently". We are each created uniquely, and how we "see" life can be a great complement to the way others see life, rather than an opposition to it.

Go after your website! Allow the creative heart that you carry express itself!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Brad.

By the way, the group I'm now playing with at Atonement Presbyterian has produced a CD and they invited me to record with them. Click the second song on this link to hear the instrumental piece from the CD. I play both my tenor and alto recorders on this piece. I think you'll like the Celtic feel.


Take care.

Sue M.

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