Monday, March 17, 2014

India #11 - Day 9

There is never a way to compare the days on a mission trip. Every day brings excitement, adventure, ministry, and unexpected encounters.

This morning we held a worship service on the Crusade grounds for the people who had no church home. Because I've been battling laryngitis since I arrived in India, I deferred to Pastor Daniel to bring the message so I could save my voice for this evening's final Crusade meeting.

A modest crowd of 72 (yes, I counted) worshipped, and were encouraged by Pastor Daniel's word. We had a quick lunch in a home adjacent to the site, and then our doctors went to work with the people on the Crusade grounds. Pastor Daniel and I went in search of an Internet cafe so I could upload yesterday's Blog post.

Today was a one-day Hindu festival where people throw water balloons and also balloons filled with brightly colored powder (think dry tempura paint from grade school) at each other and at unsuspecting passersby. I didn't think much about as we were out and about. I should have...

Later in the afternoon our interpreter, one of the host pastors, and myself were traveling in an auto-rickshaw to the Crusade grounds to gather the medical team. On the way we were pelted by pink paint powder thrown by some young men on a motorcycle, dousing all of with the colored stuff. It was quite a sight... I look pretty good in pink!

This evening was the final night of the Jammu crusade. The crowd had doubled from Saturday night, and after we were led in passionate worship by the singers and band, Pastor Daniel and I had the privilege of ordaining seven men as pastors. It is humbling to impart words of challenge and encouragement to men who will literally put their lives on the line for Christ.

Finally, I got to Preach to the people! A quick, pointed, and passionate message on Jesus. Pastor Daniel followed me and drew the net, and once again hundreds responded to the message of salvation. It was overwhelming...

We are adjusting our plans a bit on Monday: We were to spend the day traveling to Srinagar to complete our ministry with two days of medical camps among the Muslims. Because of road restrictions, we won't be able to leave until Tuesday. But, with the help of some local pastors, two medical camps have been hastily organized about one-fourth of the way to Srinagar.

It stays exciting and unexpected, but unpredictable is the norm here. Thank you for following!

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