Monday, March 10, 2014

India #11 - Day 3

Whew... What a first day on the road! (On the rail?) We boarded the train in Pastor Daniel's city of Kazipet on Sunday evening and headed for the state of Maharashtra.

The team arrived in the town of Rajura where we were met by our local host pastor on the train platform just before 2:00 in the morning. A 15 minute trip to our hotel for a few hours of rest (think Motel 6, but if there's a power cut you won't find a light on), then we woke this morning and headed for our first medical camp of the day.

Picture an outlying, poor farming village, accessible by bad roads. Now picture a government school of dirty cement blocks in the middle of that village. Muddy roads, muddy paths and courtyards, oxen, cows, goats, dogs, chickens, adults, children, and motor vehicles. We were right in the middle of it!

Our doctors saw a little over 70 people, about half of them young school children. This is a radical Hindu region so there was no crusade meeting. However, Pastor Daniel and I prayed for people as they requested it. My prayer for each person: That they would find Jesus!

We had lunch at the local pastor's home, and now we are back at the hotel for a couple hours of rest.(We actually were in the midst of a power cut when I stepped into our room, so no light was on!)

Later this afternoon we will launch a second medical camp in a different un-reached village, have a light dinner at 7:00, then head to the railway station to board an overnight express train to Rajasthan. There we will disembark onTuesday morning and go directly to our next medical camp location.

Loving it... Thank you for following!


Anonymous said...

God bless you all as we pray for your safety here in America.

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you... Most appreciated!

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