Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Question Mark Kid

As more information is coming out about the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech University, one thing that is gripping my attention is the nick-name that the apparent gunman had been given, the "Question Mark Kid". Here's an excerpt from a news article posted on FoxNews.com:

Classmates said that on the first day of an introduction to British literature class last year, the 30 or so English students went around and introduced themselves. When it was Cho's turn, he didn't speak. The professor looked at the sign-in sheet and, where everyone else had written their names, Cho had written a question mark.

"Is your name, 'Question mark?'" classmate Julie Poole recalled the professor asking. The young man offered little response. Cho spent much of that class sitting in the back of the room, wearing a hat and seldom participating. In a small department, Cho distinguished himself for being anonymous.

"He didn't reach out to anyone. He never talked," Poole said. "We just really knew him as the 'question mark kid.'"

Will we ever know "who" this young man was? Will the 23 year old killer ever be given an "identity"? Are there other "Question Mark Kids" out there that you interact with everyday?

Are we too busy and self-absorbed to notice someone who is crying out for our attention? Consider the quiet, unassuming and "invisible" people that you see everyday, but you never really look at. Perhaps they need a second look from you.

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