Tuesday, March 11, 2014

India #11 - Day 4

Craziness! That is what describes our nights and days here...

I am sitting in a train compartment at a junction station, grabbing a wireless signal, hoping our train doesn't leave before I can finish this post. It is 9:20 pm on Tuesday, and we completed a medical camp in the middle of a Muslim community in Bhopal, Madrha Pradesh.

I reconnected with a former Muslim priest who came to Christ four years ago,  and I had the privilege of ordaining to the ministry alongside of Pastor Charles from Immanuel's Church. As I spoke with him and he introduced me to new converts and those who had received water baptism as recently as this past Sunday, I was moved to tears as I considered the great personal risk he takes every day sharing the love of Christ with the Muslim people.

I am humbled to have been in the presence of a real hero.

Our doctors saw over 80 patients administering medicine, while I shared smiles and handshakes, and whispered silent prayers for the salvation of those we encountered.

Our train journey tonight ends at 10:00, when we will check into a hotel for anew hours of rest, then rise to travel by vehicle to our next destination of Bagidora, Rajasthan where we will conduct two separate medical camps, then on the train again tomorrow night!

Our train is leaving the station... Gotta go!

Craziness yes, but loving it! Thank you for following!

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