Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sleeping and Dreaming

I think there are some differences between sleepers and dreamers. Here are a few:

A sleeper closes his eyes; A dreamer sees beyond the visible.

A sleeper lies in one place; a dreamer soars.

A sleeper uses a pillow and a blanket; A dreamer uses his heart and his imagination.

A sleeper sounds like this: "zzzzzzzzz"; A dreamer sounds like this: "hmmmmmmmm".

A sleeper revitalizes his body; A dreamer invigorates his mind.

A sleeper sleeps in darkness; A dreamer dreams in color.

A sleeper wakes up ready to face the world; A dreamer wakes the passion within him.

Are you a sleeper? I encourage you to wake up and dream!

Friday, July 13, 2007

What Do You Discuss?

Admiral Hyman Rickover, known as the Father of the Nuclear Navy is quoted as saying, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." Hmmmmm.

Listen to practically any conversation and it falls in one of the three categories listed above. And if I had to do a quick survey based on personal experience, I'd say that a vast number of conversations that I have heard or joined have been about people or events.

It's a mirror of our society. Idea Magazine won't be found on many racks for sale, but at practically every checkout register in practically every grocery store in America you'll find People Magazine. Sad commentary.

It is not often that ideas are discussed. It's easy to discuss people or events because well, it's easy. Ideas cause us to think, to reason, to create and even to disagree. Sometimes our Christian culture discourages disagreement. But I say share your idea, even if it is contrary to what is being offered.

So here's my question today: "What do you discuss?"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Too Much Nudging?

In response to the appreciated anonymous comment on my previous post:

I know exactly how you feel when it comes to asking God for a glimpse (or a full set of plans) of what He has laid out for us. I am a fifty-year-old father of three (one still in high school), seeking to pay my bills, put some money away for retirement and have a significant impact on the world. Do I want my world turned upside-down? Am I really willing to ask God to really speak to me?

Then I think about Abraham, Moses, Paul, the Disciples and even contemporaries who heard from God and completely re-vamped their lives.

Yes, we all pray "Lord, I want to hear from you", but are any of us really willing to "hear" from Him? When Peter put his net out on the other side of the boat (deep water) after having fished all night and caught nothing, he was saying, "Whatever you have for me Lord, I choose to do it - even BEFORE I know what it is." Now to me that is faith: fishing in unknown water, listening to a carpenter tell him where the fish are, catching the fish and then giving it all up and following Jesus.

So if I nudge too much, I apologize. But I do hold my ground when I say pursue your dreams, ignite your passions, and get in on what God is doing, using the gifts He has given you.

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