Friday, March 14, 2014

India #11 - Day 7

After a 22 hour train ride on the Indian railway (our 4th train in five days), we finally arrived in the city of Jammu in Kashmir. Our host pastors received us at the train station. It was great to reconnect with friends I have known for six years now!

We got some rest in our hotel rooms, then made our way to the Crusade grounds: A rocky field surrounded by apartments on all sides. There was a stage, a sound system, large carpets spread on the ground for the people to sit on, about 150 chairs for those who wanted one, and a tent covering the stage and the first 60 feet in front of it.

As we arrived the atmosphere was electric with worship as a team of nine singers and a band (think harmoniums [Indian keyboard] and tabla [Indian drums]) led the people in passionate praise in the Hindi language.

A crowd of over 800 had already gathered, and more people continued to come as the meeting progressed. I preached a simple message on the salvation found in Jesus, Pastor Daniel shared a short word about faith, and the altar call was given.

Over 75 people came forward, and I prayed for every one individually! Salvation, healing, relationships, and many other needs were voiced. We believe that God did a great work, and many souls were added to the Kingdom tonight!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is our first medical camp in Jammu area. Our medical team is ready to work hard all day, then tomorrow evening day two of the three-day crusade.

Keep praying, keep following... Thanks!


Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

Praying for you, Brad. Following with much interest!

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Phil... You are always an encouragement!

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