Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coming Soon: India 2015!

It was just under a year ago that I was sitting outside on a rough bed made out of logs and vines so I could eat a humble meal of rice and curry prepared by the local people of an Indian village. We had just conducted another "Medical Camp" where our doctors and nurses provided free medical care to the village members.
We had been conducting 2 to 3 camps each day, and then traveled by train at night to the next region, moving from town to town, village to village, spreading the love of Jesus with the Indian people. I was in heaven!

I am blessed to go again: On April 9th, after working my "day job", I will board a flight late that evening to use my vacation time for my 13th mission trip to India. I can hardly wait!

The bulk of the trip will again be spent leading a medical team into unreached villages in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. We will conduct 2 - 3 medical camps during each day, and then take a train overnight to the next region to conduct medical camps there. It is a grueling schedule, but we have found it to be the most efficient use of our time.
Sometimes before our team sees patients, sometimes after, I will stand before the people in the village and share the Love of Jesus with them, inviting them to commit their lives to Christ. Of course I will fulfill my role as a member of the medical team, praying individually for the people and asking the Great Physician to bring healing.
I am excited that my brother-in-law Dr. Patrick Kennedy will be joining me to minister as a part of the medical team.
Our ultimate destination will be the city of Srinagar in Kashmir, where we will spend three days ministering in overwhelmingly Muslim areas with barely any Christian influence. A dear brother, Khersheed Kelu, has been a powerful witness in this Himalayan mountain region, converting many Muslims to Christ. Much of our time in Kashmir will be spent conducting a Bible Conference for these new Believers.

This is my favorite part of ministering in India: Going where the people have never heard the name Jesus, and sharing God's love with them. There is much terrorism in this northern region of India, but being right in the middle of this is where we want to be.

I encourage you to pray for our team as we will be breaking new ground and going into new and unreached areas with the love of Jesus. If you would like to participate financially in this mission trip, click on the "Donate" on the top right of this page.

Thank you!

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