Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sound In The Silence

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We walk into the house and turn on the television. We start the car and turn on the radio. We sit down to study and put in our iPod ear buds.

It seems we are the most comfortable when there is some kind of noise going on around us.

Why is it that we gravitate toward noise and shun silence? What causes us to be uncomfortable in the quiet?

Perhaps it has to do with our inability to create our own sound in our silence. We need an outside source to stimulate our senses, rather than allow our imagination to inspire us. We aren't content with our quiet.

Or maybe in the silence we are forced to listen to what is in our hearts, and we've been avoiding that play list.

There is an ancient proverb that says: I've cultivated a quiet heart. I kind of like that: I've cultivated a quiet heart. In fact, I see four valuable truths in that short statement.
  • I've - The responsibility is on the individual person to produce a quiet heart. No placing blame on parents, no indictment of upbringing, no criticizing the one's lack of educational opportunities. If it's to be accomplished, then I must work to accomplish it.
  • Cultivated - A long-term strategy that requires discipline, consistency, and time. There are no shortcuts in cultivation. Farmers don't plant trees that already have fruit. They plant seeds, and do what it takes to produce fruit-bearing plants.
  • Quiet - Herein lies the key. It is quiet that needs to be sought. Silence must be stronger than noise, stillness must be greater than commotion. To be satisfied with silence is to be comfortable with one's self.
  • Heart - I believe that it is not the mind that is the center of the person, but rather the heart. That is why quiet needs to be cultivated in the heart. The same author of the proverb also said: Above all else guard your heart, for everything else flows from it.
I challenge us all to take the time to cultivate a quiet heart. Consistently turn off the noise and live in the quiet. Concentrate to your creativity. Meditate on God's Word. Receive what your Creator is saying to you. You will find plenty of sound in the silence.

Question: Do you find it difficult to be satisfied with silence? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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