Saturday, May 19, 2012

India 2012: Day 8

Huge! Those who know me personally know that I use that word a lot, but not without justification. That is how I describe this evening's crusade service...Huge!

When our team arrived to the outdoor meeting site, the crowd was big, and the worship was already progressing. We took our seats in the front (the Indian people are very big into honoring guests), joined in with the singing, and then were introduced.

One of the members of our team again shared a testimony (we lost power during that - hello India!), and then the microphone was turned over to me. Through an interpreter, I shared a new message that I felt the Lord had given me just a few days before, that was specifically for this night, to this people.

I finished by telling a story of a rich Indian Hindu man whom I met on one of my previous trips here. After spending two days and much conversation with him, this man had given his heart to Christ. It was a perfect story to illustrate how Hindu people can give their lives to Christ.

About 100 people responded to the call to give their lives to Christ! Some were alcoholics, some were young men & women, all were wanting to follow Jesus. We prayed individually for each person at the end of the service. It was a great night!

Tomorrow we have a large medical camp, and then the last night of the crusade here in Jammu.

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