Friday, May 18, 2012

India 2012: Day 7

Picture temperatures in the hundred-and-teens, a dry and dusty field in the center of a government school, and the students sitting on the ground listening to their teachers. That's where we held our two combined medical camps in our last day in Punjab.

Our doctors saw just under 200 patients, and they still kept coming and coming. We had to turn people away because of a commitment to hold a worship service in the community of 1,500 where we held the camp.

The teachers allowed me to interact with the students in the school, grades 1-10. It was a unique experience, learning Punjabi words, and sharing English translations for Punjabi words. I even read from an English reader to the class of 10th graders a story they had been studying so they could hear how English speaking people pronounce our language.

Then I was treated to watch a game of volleyball among some gifted young 20's men. I was asked several times to play, but I didn't want to jeopardize the fragile American-Punjabi relationship I had build with the players in our conversations by embarrassing myself. I begged-off, saying it was too hot for me to play.

Tomorrow we are up early to leave for Jammu City (100 km away), then conduct a medical camp, followed by a big two-night crusade where over 2,000 will attend each night. I have spoken at this event twice before, and it is a great opportunity for harvest.

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