Sunday, May 13, 2012

India 2012: Day 2

Today was a great day, as I was privileged to speak in three different churches, two this morning and one tonight.

I was taken by car across the city at 7:00 this morning and spoke in a small church with about 75 people present. They are people hungry for God's presence in a Hindu community. I encouraged them to follow the path the Lord puts in front of them, even if there are difficulties.

Then I was shuttled back to Pastor Daniel's church where over 750 gathered for worship and God's Word. I shared with this exciting congregation that God wants to use them to reach many people in this city, even as he already has.

Their mission is church planting, and they have been very successful at it. I prayed for about 250 people, and then had lunch and got to rest. It was a long morning.

This evening, I spoke at one of those church plants, where they held their first service in a newly constructed building. Well, it was eight pillars, a concrete roof, and half of a back wall, but it was their church building! They will continue to hold their worship services there as the construction continues.

The church is located in the middle of a large village, and as the only Christian witness there, they are over 250 strong while meeting for the past few years in the outdoors under a grove of trees. Wow!

Tomorrow is a day of rest and preparation for Tuesday's 37 hour train journey to Jammu-Kashmir in the north of India where we will conduct our medical camps.

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