Thursday, May 17, 2012

India 2012: Day 6

After a looooong train ride we stepped onto the platform just before noon in the city of Pathanket, Punjab. With no time to waste, we were met by the local host Pastor and loaded our luggage onto the top of the rented vehicle and climbed (crammed - 9 people in a vehicle designed for 7) into the car.

A quick stop at our hotel for the next two nights (think Motel 6 rather than Marriott), a shower (Yes!!! It had been 48 hours since my last one), then we crammed again into the vehicle to go to the local Pastor's house for a big Indian meal. After that we began our medical camp. Our team of three doctors saw over 180 people.

My job was to pray for people, and simply help out where needed. Many people, with many needs.

After a short break, we began a worship service where one of our team shared a testimony, and Pastor Daniel and I shared the preaching. Then of course we had a time of prayer for those who requested it. After returning to the hotel and showering, I finally got into bed at 12:30 am.

The highlight for me this day was I had the opportunity to "mentor" the youth worship team from the local church as they prepared to lead in the service. I was able to encourage the team as they played/sang, and they allowed me to offer some "tweaks" that gave them an entire new sound which they received graciously.

They returned the favor by asking me to sit in on guitar during the worship service. So I played Punjabi praise & worship, not having a clue what I was playing. I simply watched the keyboardists hands for chord changes, and the drummer for breaks and dynamics. I was in heaven!

Today (it's Friday morning as I write) we will be conducting two different medical camps out in some villages, and then we'll minister this evening in a worship service at one of those places.

This is why I came to India. There is no other place I'd rather be right now.

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