Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Day Ever

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I began yesterday expecting it to be a day of leading, influence, and productivity. It ended by me staying late at the office, and dealing with a no-win situation that caused me to feel frustration, discouragement, and uselessness. Definitely not my Best Day Ever.

Best Day Ever. I've heard that said many times lately. I've seen it in status updates. Sprint even claimed those words for its retail business on the day the iPhone 4S was launched.

Best Day Ever. Maybe you've heard it used, or a variation of it: Best weekend ever, Best night ever, Best worship service ever.

Best Day Ever. Have you ever had one? Can you declare with all certainty that today, or any other day for that matter, is your Best Day Ever? Maybe you've already experienced your Best Day Ever, but you've forgotten it: Your wedding day? The birth of a child? A Spiritual experience?

Perhaps the term Best Day Ever has become like other "common" pop phrases we hear so often: Final, Extreme, Epic. (Click on that link to read my recent thoughts on the subject.)

Is your Best Day Ever about what you gained, what you experienced, what satisfied you?

In an episode of Spongebob Square Pants, the wise philosopher Spongebob (who had planned a Best Day Ever for himself) laments "...'everything went wrong', and then gives an elaborate speech about how his Best Day Ever has been ruined. However, his friends tell him about how he helped them with their problems out of his kindness, and teach him that his Best Day Ever is not about 'perfect days', but about having friends."

Best Day Ever. May I challenge you to make every day the Best Day Ever. Do that by investing into the lives of other people, rather than seeking to get gratification for yourself. Don't let your problems and disappointments prevent you from experiencing the good that you are able to do, the positive influence you can have.

What may not be a Best Day Ever for you, may be great day for someone else.

Question: What has been your Best Day Ever? Was it for your benefit, or for someone else? Share your thoughts below in comments. 
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