Wednesday, May 16, 2012

India 2012: Day 5

Still on the train...

We are in the state of Punjab now. Another three or so hours to go. It's been a long ride.

We are diverting from Jammu-Kashmir for now because some opportunities for medical camps developed in Punjab, and we are taking them. We will proceed to Jammu City on Saturday.

I'm still in conversation with my new Muslim friend Mohamed. It seems that Christianity is not the direction he wants to go right now. But I have hope. We have exchanged email addresses, and desire to continue the conversation both on Christianity and business.

I have made another friend on the train: an Indian army soldier who is traveling to his new post in Kashmir. He is a believer in Christ, and has appreciated the encouragement. He is going to a very dangerous area, where terrorism is very prevalent, and there is one soldier for every two civilians.

Interesting note: That's where we are going too! In fact, we are seeing a greater presence of Indian army and security forces at the train stations the farther north we go.

(For any of my Indian friends following this Blog, we just passed through the city of Jalandhar Cantonment.)

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