Sunday, May 20, 2012

India 2012: Day 9

It appeared that three was the number of the day. Three events: A morning worship where I preached, a medical camp where I prayed, and the crusade meeting where I did both!

At the worship service, we had three speakers: a testimony by one of our team, Pastor Daniel giving a brief exhortation, and myself bringing the main message.

Even the testimony was a contained the number three: The team member who gave her testimony only speaks Telugu, so Pastor Daniel translated into English so our main interpreter (who doesn't speak Telugu) could then translate into Hindi for the people. Seeing the three of them lined up across the stage, each with a microphone, speaking and then waiting was almost comical. But the young lady's testimony was powerful, and many were encouraged by it.

Pastor Daniel spoke a word about God restoring the work of His Kingdom there in India, and then I concluded the meeting with a message on expecting a blessing.

I didn't realize how hot it was (mid-one-hundred-and-teens) until after I was finished speaking and noticed that I was soaking wet with sweat.

Our team took a break for lunch, and then we began the medical camp. Again: three doctors seeing the crowd of people that had gathered in the field where we are holding the nightly crusade. We are in the north part of India where Christianity is not tolerated as much, so the following paragraph is a big encouragement.

At one point I was moved to pray for one of the patients so I told the doctor to ask for permission for me to pray for her (she was a Hindu woman, and I wasn't seeking to offend or push her). She was told by our doctor that I was there to pray for people, and if she was willing we would agree together that God would touch her in the Name of Jesus.

She allowed me to pray for her, and soon others were lining up for prayer, each wanting to be well, pain-free, or spiritually made whole.

This evening, we held the last of our crusade meetings here in Jammu. Another 2,000+ attended in our open-air field that sits in the middle of the apartment-houses.

Pastor Daniel and I both brought the word, and then at the altar call the front was again filled as many came giving their lives to Christ.

We also prayed for the sick, and saw many miracles. I prayed for a small child in her father's arms who had a fever for several days. I actually felt her body cooling as I prayed that God would heal her of this!

Another person I prayed for was a teenage boy who was deaf and mute. His father stood with him, and I prayed for the boy's ears to open and his mouth to speak. Within 30 seconds he was saying over and over, "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"

What a great way to end our Crusade in Jammu! Tomorrow we begin a three-hour journey by car to Srinagar in the Himalayan Mountains, where we'll conduct three days of medical camps in an almost all-Muslim region.

The adventure continues!

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