Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Off To India!

I'm sitting in the Emirates Airlines lounge at JFK in New York waiting to board my flight to Hyderabad, India. After an almost full day at the office I began my journey, first to BWI airport, then on to JFK.

So far it hasn't been uneventful. As my wife was taking me to BWI, an unusual noise started coming from her car and we lost most of the power. We quickly turned around and went back home to transfer my luggage into my car and then got back on the road to the airport. On the way I called a wrecker and alerted our automobile service center, Vipre automotive, that they would be receiving a delivery.

Well, we made it on time to catch my shuttle to New York, and here I sit. My heart and mind have begun to get around this mission trip to India. (It has been a busy three weeks leading up to this past weekend, so much of my focus has been on our ministry at Immanuel's.) I am trusting the Lord for many opportunities to share His grace and love, and for a great harvest for the Kingdom while in India. (See the previous post below to get an idea of what is in store for me.)

Please check this Blog regularly, as I will be posting as often as I can with updates of the trip.


Bungz said...

Stopping by Chennai at all?

Brad Lewis said...

Bungi- Just staying in AP this time.

Suzanne said...

Hey bro! Chuck and I have been praying for you the last couple of days that God will do some awesome things through you.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Sis! All is well...arrived at 3:00 am on Thursday. Resting today, ministry starts on Friday! Thanks again!

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