Friday, October 16, 2009

More Great News From Kadapa!

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Last evening at the crusade, the crowed swelled from Wednesday evening's number as more people have heard about the crusade and are attending. Again Pastor Daniel and I shared the preaching, with ever-faithful Jasher acting as my translator.

It was exciting to be able to stand before the Indian people and proclaim the love of Jesus to them, and even more exciting to see so many respond to the invitation to follow Christ. Many more came for prayer for specific needs in their lives.

Some asked for physical healing, others for family relationships, and many children, teenagers and college students asked for strength in their studies. The Indian Christians are people of faith, and they ask the Lord and trust Him to meet their needs.

It was a special evening for me because the young man who drove us earlier in the day to the former Chief Minister's grave site (see yesterday's post), a Muslim man, attended the meeting and responded during the altar call. He came to me and asked me to pray for him because his wife had just left him the day before. I did, and when I was finished, I asked him about my message and if he wanted to commit his life to Jesus. He said yes, and so I led him to faith in Christ! He began the day with a different fare for his car, and ended the day as a different person!

This morning Pastor Daniel and I spoke to a group of believers who gather each Friday for Bible study. It was great to encourage them in the things of the Lord.

This evening is the last night of the crusade in Kadapa, and our team leaves immediately for the train station for the overnight trip back to Kazipet (my "home" in India).

Here are some pics...

 I demonstrate what faith is using a chair. (Any EE people recognize this?)

 This woman had asthma for most of her life. I prayed for her, and now she breathes freely!

Pastor Daniel teaches at the Friday morning Bible Study.

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