Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kadapa Crusade, Day One

Our first meeting of the Kadapa Crusade was great! Hundreds upon hundreds of people came to the open air meeting area. The worship was powerful, with traditional Indian drums mixed with electronic keyboards providing the base for the singers to launch from.

Pastor Daniel and I shared the preaching responsibilities, then afterwords, he invited the people to receive Christ. I counted just over 60 people coming to pray and receive Jesus! These people are now "former" Hindus and Muslims!

After the first altar call, we invited people to come forward for personal prayer (more pics and comments below).

This morning the team rented an SUV and driver, and traveled 65 km to the grave site of the former Andreah Pradesh Chief Minister who recently died in a helicopter accident. (We had 11 people in a Nissan Exterra sized vehicle!)

The former Chief Minister was a Christian, and was very beloved by the 80,000,000 people of the state. Hundreds of thousands attended his funeral, and many more have made the pilgrimage to his grave site. Pastor Daniel and his two sons who accompanied us on this Crusade placed a wreath on the grave. (Think going to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.)

Tonight we will do it all again, and are trusting the Lord for an even greater harvest! Here are some more pics...

This boy was brought up to the platform paralized...not any more!

This young man was HIV positive. As I prayed for him, I felt the Love of God cover him and remind him that he was special in the eyes of God.

What a privelege it is for me to share in what God is doing in India!

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