Sunday, October 18, 2009

God's Promise, And A Happy Birthday

Today is my last day of ministry in India. I participated in the morning worship service at the Ecclesia Ministries Church here in Kazipet, then enjoyed a typically tasty and spicy meal with Pastor Daniel and his family.

Pastor Daniel graciously allowed me to preach to his congregation for the second Sunday in a row, and I didn't take that privilege lightly. I had prepared a message for today, but as I was praying earlier this morning, the Lord gave me a fresh word to share. I was meditating on Luke 1:35 (as I often do), and a new revelation and understanding came to me about God's promises to us, and how they are fulfilled. Today Pastor Daniel's brother Joy-David translated for me, giving Jasher a break.

I also got to publicly pray a blessing over a member of the church who as a scientist, has invented a revolutionary compressed-air driven car. As he explained to me, it was obvious that this was a brilliant man, with a brilliant invention. He has already secured international patents for the invention, and humbly offers all of the glory to the Lord.

After the message we had a surprise birthday for Pastor Daniel as he celebrates his 50th birthday today! There were verbal blessings, flower wreaths, shawls and of course cake. Pastor Daniel is a man of God who is worthy of honor for his deep commitment to the Lord, to his family, to his congregation and to the people of India.

I was again honored and blessed as can only be done Indian-style (wreaths, shawls), and for the first time I sensed a bit of sadness in the building. This has been my sixth trip to India, and my fifth visit to Kazipet and Ecclesia. I feel like this is my other home church. I have had the privilege of speaking to this congregation on numerous occasions over the last two-and-a-half years, and have teamed-up with Pastor Daniel, Jasher (my faithful translator), the worship team (led by my good friend Freddy), the deacons and altar workers often enough to where there we flow well together. It is sad to say goodbye.

But, Pastor Daniel and I are already planning our next trip together where we will be traveling to Jammu-Kashmir next spring with a team to conduct medical camps and hold crusades. We'll see what happens next!


Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...


I've enjoyed following your trip. It was certainly God-inspired. Heading for Raleigh, NC tomorrow, 10/19 and I'll hope to see you when you return.

Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

p.s. the crowds were certainly large! A time for God to work through you. If you choose to run for public office, you will not be stage fright.

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