Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The India Train Rolls On!

After three trains and 12 hours, we finally arrived in Kadapa, where we will be conducting a three-day crusade. The team of Pastor Daniel, his son Jasher (my translator), our altar workers, support team, and myself arrived just before 1:00 am, having spent all of Tuesday traveling.

I am by no means a seasoned traveler on the Indian Railway system, but having taken my first train journey last year, and it lasting for just under 48 hours, this one was comparatively easy! (By the way, the Indian Railway system is the largest employer in the world!)

I found an internet cafe' and for only 34 cents and hour, I am able to post to my Blog, but more importantly I can read and write to my wife via email.

Tonight (Wednesday) we begin the crusade. The city is still in mourning after the recent death of Andreah Pradesh's Chief Minister, a native of Kadapa. We are expecting great things from the Lord!

 The team prepares to board.

The crowded train platform in Hyderabad - it's like a street fair!

Pulling out of the station.

Pastor Daniel and I chat as we prepare to leave on the second leg of our journey.


Elaine Lewis said...

Thanks for posting pictures, I love seeing you!

Sucharitha said...

Indian Train ride is one of the best. You can enjoy the ride with all the snacks that the vendors bring , breeze and some interesting sceneries .If you get a seat to sit that itself is a blessing in Indian trains.

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Sucharitha. I have found that the Indian train is great. Yes, the food vendors and the scenery make it a pleasant trip. I get to do it again as I return to Kazipet over Friday night. Thank you for your comment!

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