Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Worship And A Haircut

This morning I had the privilege of  speaking at the Sunday morning worship service at Pastor Daniel's church, with him interpreting (or he may have preached his own message - who knows?). I spoke on Jesus, and how He went into the wilderness full of the Holy Spirit, but left the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit after He was tempted by Satan.

We had a great crowd (700+), the response was tremendous, and I had great freedom to speak with passion and authority (it was all the Lord!).

Before I preached, I was asked to dedicate a new CD that the Ecclesia Ministries is releasing today. It was a privilege for me as a musician to pray a blessing on the CD, knowing all the work that goes into a project creation, and also personally knowing the musicians, singers and songwriter. Interestingly, my Big Cloud Music will be releasing a CD right after I return from India, but I got to pray the blessing on Pastor Daniel's CD before ours comes out.

Another great thing about this morning was that I dedicated two year child to the Lord. In the Indian tradition, the hair is not cut until the dedication, so I got to be both blesser and barber for the child!

This afternoon (in about an hour, after we eat lunch) the team is off to Hyderabad for an evening crusade meeting where we will again share the Gospel and pray for needs. Today began strong, and I know it will end even stronger!


Paul Billington said...

You have been in my prayers Brad. By the way, nice socks.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Paul, for your prayers, and the socks encouragement!

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