Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Power Meeting

Today we had a "Second Saturday Revival Meeting" here at the Ecclesia Ministries compound in Kazipet. A crowd of about 600 gathered, worshiped passionately, and listened intently as I had the privileged of sharng a message with them.

I spoke from the book of II Kings, and how Naaman by faith, trusted the Lord to cure him of his leprosy. The atmosphere was charged as I shared with passion the message that God had given me for that day. Even with an interpreter, the people sensed my excitement and heartbeat, and were not only generous in their reception of my words, but they even laughed at my jokes!

Periodically I noticed stirrings among the people as they patiently sat on the floor while I spoke. I found out later why: many came up during the altar call and testified that they felt pain leave and fevers break (the Lord was healing them) as I was speaking, specifically when I declared that Naaman was healed (which I mentioned several times throughout my message). We didn't even have to pray for the sick!

But when Pastor Daniel and I did pray for the sick, God again did some amazing things. The gentleman pictured with me had been paralyzed on his right side because of a stroke, but as he was prayed for, the Lord healed him and he was able to move his arm and walk upright. The Lord is good!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we have the regular morning worship service here, then after a quick lunch and a Blog update, we're of to Hyderabad (a three hour trip) for a revival  meeting on Sunday night.

Thank you Lord, for showing off and letting me be a part of it!

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