Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Divine Appointment With India

Next Tuesday, October 6th, I will be leaving for India on a mission trip. I will be connecting with Pastor Daniel Kalyanapu of Ecclesia Ministries, India, and Immanuel's School of the Bible in Kazipet, Andhra Pradesh (sponsored by Immanuel's Church, where I serve as Executive Pastor). This will be my sixth mission trip to India and the fifth time I am partnering with Pastor Daniel.

Our team, including Pastor Daniel's son and nephew, will be conducting evangelistic meetings where we will share the Word of God and pray for physical needs among the largely Hindu population. We will also expand the team to include doctors and conduct medical camps among some remote peoples and villages.

In planning and preparing for this trip (which was conceived last March), Pastor Daniel informed me that he had arranged for a three-day series of preaching and ministry meetings in Kadapah, a ten-hour journey by car from Kazipet. I believe that this crusade is a divine appointment.

Three weeks after Pastor Daniel finalized the plans for this crusade, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (comparable to a state governor in the USA, but with 80,000,000 constituents) was killed in a helicopter accident.

The Chief Minister, who had just completed the first year of his second five-year term, was a Christian and a friend of the people. He enacted and supported legislation and policies that benefited the populace, especially the poor. Upon hearing the news of his death, over 480 people died, either by heart attack or by committing suicide. He was truly beloved by the people.

The reason I believe that this is a divine appointment, is because Kadapah is the Chief Minister's hometown, and they are still in mourning. Pastor Daniel and I believe that opportunities for ministry there will be great!

I will post to the Blog at least once more before I leave for India, and will update it frequently. Please comment and let me hear from you!

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