Thursday, April 22, 2010

India: Day Six

I am writing this post on Thursday morning, April 22...

Yesterday was another amazing day in Punjab! The day started with breakfast at the home of our host pastor, then the team loaded up our vehicle and traveled about 30 minutes to a small farming community called Rurkimuglan. Yesterday we were in Gunachaur.

Our medical camp was located in the center of the village, in the middle of a field used to dry water buffalo dung, which is used for fuel for fires. So, we saw over 100 patients, and millions of flies! But, grace was given, and we ministered medicine and prayer for the farming families.

I had a unique experience while I was there in the village. One of the Christian families (of only three) has a son who is a professional dancer and does traditional Punjabi festival dances in costume. He happened to be in town, and invited me to dress me up in his king's costume. So for about 30 minutes, I was a Punjabi king! I didn't let it go to my head, but just to make sure, I was stung by a wasp to remind me I was human, and that the people in this village experience a very difficult life every day.

Yesterday evening the team came back to conduct an open air crusade meeting in the same field. The flies were gone, but they were replaced with swarms of mosquitoes. But at least there were no wasp stings!

Once again the crowd assembled as we worshiped, and I brought a simple message on what Jesus did to reach us. Pastor Daniel "drew the net" and we saw about 25 of the 75 attendees commit their lives to Christ! There is already a humble house church there (the three families), so now the church has grown!

Today we conduct our final medical camp and open-air crusade in Punjab, here at the host pastor's home in Nawanshaire. There are a large band of nomadic people who have "squatted" in a field in front of the house. It is a perfect mission field, right here in our own front yard!

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