Saturday, April 24, 2010

India: Day 8 & 9

I survived the train ride from Punjab to Kazipet! It actually took only 38 hours, so it was a breeze compared to my other long train ride in India back in May of 2008, which was 47 hours. We arrived early this evening, and in true adventure fashion, we jumped off with our luggage as the train stopped for a signal very near to the Ecclesia Ministries compound, saving us a half-hour of commute from the train station.

The train journey itself was pretty much uneventful, so I got a lot of reading done, had some great conversations with Pastor Daniel and the team, and even had the opportunity to pray for one of the passengers and her family.

If you are wondering, my stomach virus got better in the middle of the afternoon today (Saturday).

Tomorrow morning I preach at Pastor Daniel's church (always a privilege), and then in the evening we begin a three-day crusade a one hour drive from here.

I am planning to finish strong in my last five days here in India!

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