Tuesday, April 27, 2010

India: Day 11

I am posting on Tuesday afternoon...

Last night we held the second of three nights of a crusade in Huzurabad. Once again the people gathered and passionately worshiped. Once again the presence of God was strong.

We had the added distraction of a group of Hindus just outside the walls playing music very loudly, and there is a Muslim mosque right behind the stage that was broadcasting evening prayers over a sound system. We must have been doing something right!!

The crowd was a bit different from the night before, consisting mainly of believers. Pastor Daniel and I sought to encourage the people with messages on His steps to reach us (me) and His presence among us (Daniel) Over fifty people came and made fresh commitments of their lives to Christ.

Of course we prayed for those who desired it after the altar call, and once again we saw many people healed and set free from bandages. One lady came and was stooped over and walking very slowly, very obviously in much pain. Pastor Daniel and I prayed for her, and in two minutes she was speaking into the microphone, giving a testimony to the crowd of her healing. She was smiling, standing upright and being very fluid in her movements. The Lord is good!

The formerly deaf who was healed the night before (see yesterday's post) made it a point to find me and as best he could communicate, showed me he could hear and thanked me again. The glory goes to Jesus!

This evening is the final night of the crusade and my final night of ministry here in India. We're expecting a great time!!

India experience update: I drove a car today in India! That's right, I drove out on the streets and did it safely! It is just like driving in the US, except for sitting on the right, driving on the left, shifting with my left hand, and navigating around the goats (I didn't hit any!). And for those of you who understand this, I honked the horn within three seconds of starting and continued honking every few seconds the entire trip. It was no problem!

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