Thursday, April 22, 2010

India: Day Seven

Another day of ministry is over in Punjab! It was a different kind of day for me, because after spending about an hour praying for people at the medical camp (103 patients ministered to by our medical team), I connected with our host pastor's two sons, Vishwas and Boaz (this is me with Boaz).

Both are musicians and worship leaders, and both were eager to not only allow me to impart into them some of my limited musical knowledge, but both began to share their dreams and passions for serving the Lord. It was a privilege to be able to "mentor" these two young men of God, even if it was only for a few hours.

This evening we had a great time worshiping with our host pastor's congregation, his two sons and his daughter leading worship, and Pastor Daniel and myself bringing words of encouragement. The people are eager to hear the Word and reach their city for Christ.

I have to let you in on a little personal information: Finally, on my eighth trip to India, I have succumbed to Traveler's Stomach Virus, or TSV. It hit this afternoon, and was a relentless foe. Even as I spoke this evening, there was a shifting, but it wasn't in the heavenlies!

Tonight (or should I say early tomorrow morning) we board the train for Kazipet for a long journey (especially long for this Type-A, can't sit still, leg-shaking guy). The TSV should make for an even more interesting 40 hour train ride...

Blog Blackout Alert! Because we will be traveling, I will not be able to post on my Blog until Sunday, but please check then for a new report on my journey.

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