Saturday, April 17, 2010

India: Day Two

After five different flights and six different airports, I was met up by Pastor Daniel and local Pastor Danis in Jammu City, Kashmir on Friday afternoon. My journey still wasn't over, because I had to trek several hundred meters to the outside of the airport with my luggage in tow. Because of the high security in this area in India, private vehicles are not allowed in the airport zone. I love India!

We began the evangelistic crusade in the evening, and with almost 1,000 in attendance, I brought a simple evangelistic message on faith. Pastor Daniel took another eight minutes to "tie the knot". The altar call was given, and people began streaming forward. It was incredibly exciting to see over 1/4 of the attendees standing in the front and repeating a prayer, giving their lives to Jesus for the first time! What a great way to begin our ministry here!

Today (Saturday), we began the day with a humble medical camp, where joined again by Pastor Danis and another local Pastor Ramesh, our team of two doctors, two nurses, Pastor Daniel and myself traveled 40 km into the foothills of the mountains to a city called Akhanor. On government land that is part of a military base, we began our work. We were joined there by Emmanuel, the worship leader for the evening crusade.

Braving 105 degree temperatures, we set up under a huge banyan tree in the middle of a field strewn with dusty shrubs, complete with piles of water buffalo dung. There we ministered to 60 poor people. Our medical team dispensed medical help, and Pastor Daniel and I dispensed spiritual help, praying for the people who desired it.

One lady asked me to pray for her, and after I did, I began to share with her and her husband about Jesus, aided by the translation of Emmanuel. Both prayed and asked Jesus into their lives!

We continued to pray for people , and share with them the simple message of hope in Jesus, seeing others also ask Jesus into their lives. What a privilege it was to be a part of that humble setting where lives were changed.

Tonight we continue the crusade, and then tomorrow, more medical camps. I said it at the beginning of this post and I say it again: I love India!

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