Wednesday, February 17, 2010

India Reflections

I returned home to much snow still covering the ground, and taller-than-me piles of snow lining driveways, roads and parking lots. I missed a historic snow event here in the DC area, but I participated in a historic spiritual event in India.

The teaching by Pastor Charles, the size of the crowds attending the crusade at Ecclesia Ministries, and the number of people who responded to the Gospel and were healed physically were unprecedented. I always remember what my wife says when I go to India: "God shows off, and Brad gets to be a part of it." He truly showed off  this time.

Being on the front lines of mission work allows me to see what local pastors and missionaries on what we call the mission field face every day. We who travel on short-term mission trips fly in, minister, and fly out. They are there today, tomorrow and the next day, serving in sometimes unbearable conditions.

I am grateful for the privilege of going to India to minister, to represent Immanuel's Church, and to assist my Senior Pastor while there. Pastor Daniel and I have already planned my next trip there this April, where he and I, along with a team of doctors and nurses, will be conducting medical camps and crusades in Kashmir, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

Sounds like showing off time for God again!

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