Sunday, February 14, 2010

India: Final Times Of Ministry

Saturday evening began with praise and worship led by Freddy (my motorcycle chauffeur - see two Blog posts ago). I preached a simple message on salvation and faith, and Pastor Charles complemented it with another salvation message.

The altar call brought well over 200 people who put their faith in Jesus. It was a cool sight! Then we prayed for people with sickness and hurts. We stayed on the stage praying for people and hearing their testimonies of healing for over another hour.

Several posts ago I mentioned the daughter of a police official who was flailing, thrashing, and who pretty much "beat me up" as I tried to pray for her on Tuesday night. Well as we were leaving on Saturday night her mother rushed up to me with her and wanted me to see her. She was calm, peaceful and smiling. I took her pic, and she didn't take a swing at me! Seriously, the Lord did an incredible work in her life.

Today was the official 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebration for Ecclesia Ministries. Both Pastor Charles and I brought messages of challenge and encouragement.

There were presentations, histories read, prayers, "garlanding", ordinations and praise and worship. The entire service lasted five hours! It was great though to celebrate with Pastor Daniel and his family and team. The Lord is good!

I am writing this post at the airport in Hyderabad as Pastor Charles and I wait for our respective flights. It has been a great week of ministry. Now I get to go home and shovel snow...

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