Wednesday, February 10, 2010

India: Pastor Charles Arrives!

After a two-day delay (because of the snowstorm) and then a two-hour delay (re-scheduling of flights), Pastor Charles' flight finally left DC bound for India. He left behind another snowstorm and a recovering region.

I began teaching the Wednesday morning Bible Conference, and was just beginning to move to my last teaching point when spontaneous applause erupted from the students and pastors. I didn't recall having said anything too profound, but then realized that Pastor Charles had entered the room behind me.

Well, I quickly wound my message down, desiring to give Pastor Charles as much time as possible to make up for the day-and-a-half of the conference he missed. After a brief introduction, the traditional garlanding (mine came last Sunday), and his first-hand account of the historic DC snowstorm, he began teaching on Building According to the Pattern, a study of the book of Acts.

The eager students and pastors diligently took notes and followed along with a syllabus that Pastor Daniel's son Jesher had translated into Telugu and printed for the conference. The teaching was excellent, the material was powerful, and the Spirit was strong.

Pastor Charles will continue this afternoon and evening with more teaching from Acts, then we will ordain some former Muslims as pastors, and anoint and pray for all of the conference attendees.
The snow may still be falling in DC, but the presence of God is falling in Kazipet!

Former communist Karnakar, jailed after giving his life to Christ, and Mark-Paul, a graduate of the 1st class, follow Pastor Charles' teaching.

Over 350 graduates, pastors and students learning from the book of Acts.

 Although I sat under the teaching with the other students, I still had time to make some new friends!

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