Friday, February 12, 2010

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Last evening began our evangelistic crusade, where after a great welcome from the children, Pastor Charles preached. During the altar call, many responded to the message of salvation in Jesus. Following that, Pastor Daniel and I prayed for the sick and infirmed.

Many people were prayed for, and after we would pray for about ten, Pastor Daniel would stop and allow for testimonies.Many publicly shared, giving testimonies like deaf ears opened, chronic pain lasting for years was removed, and then my favorite...

Last year I remember praying for a couple who after three years of marriage had still not conceived a child (very important in the Indian culture). I prayed for them, believing that God would give them a child. I even was bold enough to say that when I came back next year, they would have a child.

The woman found me that evening, and presented her baby as a miraculous answer to prayer! She said she became pregnant the next month after I had prayed for her last year. This is a picture of her holding her two month old baby. Now that is HUGE! You can see why I would say it was my favorite of the evening.

This morning Pastor Charles and I tag-teamed the morning convention teaching, me delivering a message on Jesus' call of Peter, and Pastor Charles continuing in the book of Acts. After a quick lunch I was whisked by my good friend Freddy by motorcycle back to the crusade stage where I spoke on the healing of the cripple in Acts 3 (Pastor Charles wasn't the only one using Acts today).

What followed was 45 minutes of prayer, miracles and healing. We prayed for a man with AIDS, saw a deaf woman's ears become unstopped, and numerous other healings including headaches relieved, back pain removed, and more barren women to conceive (I see a trend...).

Pictured here is my casting out a demon in this man. I prayed for about ten minutes as he thrashed, convulsed and spat, and was finally taken quietly away by his companions. The Name of the Lord is Jesus, and Jesus is Lord over ALL!

This evening we continue with evangelistic messages by Pastor Charles and myself, followed by an altar call and more prayer for the sick. I can hardly wait to see what God will do next!


Suzanne said...

Hi Brad! Wednesday I spent some time praying for you while I listened to "I'm at Rest" and Elaine's CD. Precious time! I'm printing your blog out for Mom. Love you!

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Suzanne, for praying, for listening to our CDs, and for keeping Mom informed. Amazing time here in India!

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