Thursday, February 11, 2010

India Graduation And More!

On Wednesday evening Pastor Charles continued his teaching on the book of Acts. When he was finished, we had a time of laying hands on and praying for the over 350 attendees at the Bible Conference.

The Spirit of God was strong as Pastor Charles and I moved through the kneeling crowd, stopping at each one and anointing them with oil. There was a strong presence and power as these passionate believers received this blessing. I know that India will be more like the Kingdom of God because of this evening.

Today (Thursday) was a special day, as we graduated the 11th class of the Immanuel's School of the Bible in India. Again there was a strong presence of God as words of blessing, challenge and encouragement were brought by two of Pastor Daniel's brothers, Pastor Charles and myself. It was almost as if the graduates couldn't wait to get on the mission field.

Not only did we graduate and commission the Bible School students, but we had the privilege of ordaining several pastors to the ministry. These anointed and powerful men and women eagerly received prayer and anointing with oil, calling out for the Lord to empower them to preach and pray with passion and power.

Perhaps the highlight for Pastor Charles and I was ordaining a former Muslim, whom God reveled himself to while he was reading the Koran. He committed his life to Jesus, and now seeks to bring the Gospel to the Muslim people in India. Wow!

This evening we will begin our outdoor meetings, as thousands of believers and seeking Hindus & Muslims will sit under the Word of God. I know it will be a great night!

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