Sunday, March 08, 2009

Salvation, Signs & Wonders

Saturday began with an excellent time of worship at the first of three crusade meetings that day. The first speaker preached in Telugu (I did my best to understand...). Pastor Charles spoke next (in English) on leaving a legacy to our children and grandchildren. What a great encouragement to believers!

Following the afternoon service, we had a time of water baptism. Pastor Daniel asked me to join him in the baptism "tank" and share in the baptism of over 60 new believers. What an incredible experience! To have the opportunity to personally lay hands on, pray for, and baptize 30+ Indian believers while Pastor Daniel baptized the others was an experience I will not forget. Many of the new converts to Christianity were Koya, an Indian people group that until very recently was unreached. The highlight of that highlight was when Pastor Daniel asked me to baptize his teenage daughter Susan (pictured with me), whom I had shared Christ with last May as we traveled on the train to Kashmir. WOW!

That evening Pastor Charles and I shared the platform and both preached messages of the hope and salvation of the Gospel. Close to 4,000 people gathered, and at the altar call time, upwards of 450 people responded to the invitation to follow Christ! After they were led in a prayer, Pastor Charles and I anointed everyone who came forward with oil, praying for the power of God, and healing on their lives.

This morning at the Sunday worship service (around 3,000 attending), Pastor Charles and I again shared the speaking responsibilities. This time he went first, as he had a plane to catch and return to the U.S.A. (I will be staying several more days to minister with Pastor Daniel in various venues.) The service concluded with me praying for the sick. Again the Lord was faithful to save, heal and deliver many people. The little boy I am pictured with was deaf in one ear and now he can hear! What a week!


Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

Hi Brad: We are following the trip with much interest and excitment. It must be awesome to realize that you are being used in such wonderful ways by the Lord!

Blessings to you,

Phil, Matt, and Ina

p.s. Matt has a doctor's appointment today, my back is out and Ina carries on as best she can. Please include us in your healing prayers.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks for your interest in my trip. Needless to say it has been bizarre. Some things too "out there" to post on the Blog. I'll have to tell you in person.

I am sorry to hear about your back. I prayed for you as soon as I read your comment. Say hey to Ina and Matt. Thanks for your friendship.


Anonymous said...

That's great that nearly 500 gave their lives to Christ. Praise God!

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