Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Putting Away Idols

Monday was a bit of a "catching-up day for rest" as we have been going strong for seven days straight. Pastor Daniel and I visited this evening in the home of a family who as Christians, have been witnessing to their next-door neighbors. The second family have recently come to know Christ, but their home was still full of Hindu idols.

We were asked to come over and pray that they would have the courage to "clean house". Please remember that we are talking about a religion that goes back literally thousands of years in most Hindu families. It's not like switching TV channels. There is persecution, disownment from their wider family, and generally they become social outcasts in their communities.

After a time of worship, I had the privilege of sharing a word of encouragement with them. Pastor Daniel and I prayed for the father of the house (he is very ill), and the entire household, and then another local pastor (a graduate of the Immanuel's School of the Bible in India) went through the house and "bagged up" all the statues, pictures and any other false god or indication of their former religion.

It was a HUGE day for the family and a HUGE day for me!

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