Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Weekend Ministry

Saturday and Sunday proved to be busy days of ministry. Each month, Pastor Daniel holds a special outreach on the second Saturday. We had a great service here. I preached the Gospel, then we had a time of prayer for the people with needs.

Pictured here is a woman who had been experiencing rheumatoid arthritis in her body for over ten years. We prayed for her, and she testified that immediately her pain was gone! What an exciting time that afternoon. Hers was one of several testimonies where we saw the healing power of God touch broken lives.

On Sunday I was invited to speak at two different churches in Kazipet. A bit of speaking and shuttling was in order for me, as I spoke, prayed for and then immediately whisked by car to the other church. Whew!

Both churches were very open to this American and his stories, and both congregations responded to the message of salvation and encouragement.

The Indian people are very big on paying honor to guests, and what you see pictured is the 12th time I was "garlanded" and honored this trip. I am grateful that I am welcomed here, and that the message of salvation and hope that I bring is received.

Tomorrow I am participating in an Indian wedding, bringing the encouragement from God's Word to the bride and groom. Then, it's off to the airport for the long journey home.

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