Friday, March 06, 2009

The Big Weekend!

On Thursday evening we began the great evangelistic crusade, and it continued into Friday, with meetings in the morning, afternoon and evening. Pastor Charles and I shared Friday morning preaching duties (the usual way here is two messages in the morning, and two in the evening).

I had the afternoon service on my own (one message, then a time of prayer for the sick), and then after a brief rest and dinner break we were back at it in the evening with Pastor Daniel's brother Phillip preaching the first message and then Pastor Charles concluded the night with a powerful message on the woman at the well in John 4.

Hundreds came to give their lives to Christ as Pastor Daniel called them forward to make commitments. What an exciting event to experience! Seeing the hungry and even desperate spiritual condition of a person without Christ as their lives are transformed by their faith in Jesus is overwhelming! Glory to God!

What is also impressing me is the exuberance with which the Indian believers express while worshiping. Led by Pastor Daniel's young nephew Alfred (affectionately called Freddy), he and his team sing, worship exhort and guide the crowd to the throne of God with musical skill and powerful anointing. Keyboards, drums (some of them native Indian), flute, singers, dance and flags all combine to offer a passionate and intimate offering to the Lord! (Click here to view Freddy's music video.)

I have been with Freddy four times now over the past year, and it is exciting to see the maturity and greater level of skill and anointing that rests on his life. His diligent practice and hunger for the Lord have set him apart as a premier worship leader. His humble spirit only magnifies his effectiveness. It is an honor that he has allowed me to spend time with him and speak into his life as a bit of a mentor and leader.

Today we have a full day of crusade meetings, again with Pastor Charles as the main speaker. I will have the privilege of sharing the pulpit with him this evening as we conclude this great crusade.

May the Lord provide a great harvest of souls for His Kingdom!


Search Theory said...
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Search Theory said...

i can't help but go into "wow" mode when you're in India. praying for you and that God will abundantly bless you and the labor of your hands!

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Gina! I go into "WOW" mode myself when I see what God is doing here. It is an incredible privilege to be a small part of what God is doing, and watching Him "show off". Thanks for your encouragement!


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