Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is There Any Truth?

Here's an interesting fact: According to a poll done in 2008 by the Pew Research Center, only 18% of Americans believe all or most of what the New York Times publishes. (NYTIMES.COM / 2.13.09)

What does this tell us about Americans confidence in the news media outlets? Is there a greater percentage of Americans who believe what the television news reports? Is there any substantial confidence in anything that is considered fact or truth?

In our world, the terms fact and truth seem to be becoming more and more relative, with the foundation of this truth as liquid as quicksand.

How do we who live by Truth respond? We need to to model a deep conviction and adherence to the Truth, as opposed to a fluid and "qualified" standard.

We need to stand on our Standard.


Anonymous said...

The substance on which Truth stands is hardly acceptable today. Truth will do one of two things when one is enlightened to it. It will either be accepted or invoke anger. Truth exposes, therefore action has to be taken one way or the other. Truth can never be ignored. Truth does not get published, for the most part, for this reason. This is only my opinion. The standard of Truth calls for a standard in the receiver of it. Not many today want to live up to the standard in which Truth reveiled requires. "Is there any Truth?" Yes, there has always been Truth just not many believers of it, simply because of what Truth requires of us. Which for the most part is self denial, and I dare not go there.

Brad Lewis said...

Great word Mistica! Your statement that truth can never be ignored is dead on. One must respond to truth: either by accepting and adhering to it, or rejecting it.

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