Thursday, March 12, 2009

Humble Settings, Hungry People

A dirt field, bare wires strung across dead trees, lights hung on a rusty nail, a rustic stage, a makeshift pulpit... The last three evenings have been held in villages, two of them out under the stars. The team set up a portable P.A. system and a keyboard, and when the worship began people gathered from all around.

A few times the power went out and we raised our voices and preached with two penlights illuminating us. But people heard the Gospel and people committed their lives to Jesus!

The work that the pastors are doing in the small villages is very important. There is no other Christian influence, and the Kingdom is growing because of their labor.

I counted it a privilege to minister in such difficult circumstances to such hungry people. Tomorrow we get up early to travel to a Koya village (a half-days drive over some very difficult terrain). I know it will be great day of ministry! Thank you for sharing in it with me as you follow this Blog.

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