Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The title of this post does not refer to the need for food in the stomach. Rather, it refers to the condition of the hearts that are present in the Bible School students.

As the Word of God is taught during the six sessions throughout each day, the expectation among the students, both present and former, is electric! It is almost as if one can hear them crying out, "More, more!"

The take notes with diligence. They hang on every word, spoken both by Pastor Charles (or myself) and the translator. They respond at the end of each session with renewed commitment to serving the Lord. This is truly a remarkable, dedicated, eager and passionate group.

Pastor Charles has been teaching on the Song of Solomon, highlighting the love of the bridegroom for his bride, and the love of the bride for her husband. With the same devotion that is described by Solomon, we are being encouraged to love our Lord Jesus Christ. We are also hearing about young men and women in the scriptures who were passionately in love with the Father, and who had given themselves whole-heartedly to serving the Lord.

I am teaching on Elisha, another from God's Word who was passionately in love with the Father, and who was fully committed to serving Him. His encounter with Elijah, as Elijah was about to be taken up to heaven, is giving an excellent backdrop for teaching and encouragement to be humble, serving and passionate about following after God.

This afternoon and evening will be more of the same, and we will conclude tomorrow morning with the commencement exercises for the 10th graduating class! Then beginning tomorrow evening, a great evangelistic crusade starts, and we are expecting to see many come to trust in Jesus and many to receive healing and restoration as we pray for them.

The move of God is strong here in India! Continue to pray that it gets stronger!

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