Tuesday, March 31, 2009

iPhone Wedding

My second son, Zachariah, got married this past Saturday to Jessie. It was a huge milestone for my wife and myself, as our families and friends gathered to witness and celebrate the joining of this couple. All I can say, as I am still decompressing from the experience, is WOW!

It was an honor for me to officiate the wedding ceremony (which I did completely from my iPhone). Even Zack and his now-bride Jessie, who wrote their own vows, pulled out their iPhones to recite them to each other. It was the first all-iPhone wedding that I have ever seen. Very cool!

Continuing my desire to create, as well as to motivate and inspire others to create, I wrote a song to be played as a surprise during the reception for the Mother/Son dance. I wrote it while I was in India, and, when I returned, I knew I had only 10 days to record the music, secure a vocalist, get her into my studio in my house (without my wife or son knowing about it), recording, mixing and mastering (and get all this done while working and getting everything for the wedding). The finished product is a song called Let Go Of My Hand and you are welcome to listen by clicking here or the link on the right.

A huge weekend with an incredibly happy ending!


Elaine Lewis said...

You did an excellent job my love! The song was such a gift, thank you! You are the best!

Beth said...

Wow.......just wow......precious idea, unbelievable gift, I'm moved to tears, would have been sobbing if I witnessed firsthand. You're a great friend to me, but I love you so much for the way you love my sister!!!! That blessed me.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Beth. Just taking what's inside of me and letting it come out. I am blessed!

Sue M. said...

Oh my, Brad...how beautiful! Having danced the mother/son dance at my youngest son's wedding, I know those words and the music really blessed Elaine and Zack. You do have a wonderful gift and I am blessed to have been a part of your minstry.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks for your encouragement. The Lord puts stuff in my heart and it just "comes out". I'm just the conduit. Thanks for your kind comments.

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