DC Blizzard...I Missed It!

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BWI, JFK, Dubai, Hyderabad, Kazipet. I arrived safely in India very early this morning, and after retrieving my luggage, I was met by my favorite translator Jesher. We drove the 2 1/2 hour trip to Kazipet, I had a shower, a nap and a fabulous Indian meal, and now it's Blog update time.

I understand from my wife Elaine, whom I chatted with while I was in Dubai (and whom I miss dearly), that I got out of DC just in time ahead of the snow. So while my family and friends back home are enjoying(?) the blizzard, I am basking in the near 90 degree heat of south-central India! Not a bad trade-off (my wife and kids know where the snow shovels are).

Tomorrow I have the honor of preaching in Pastor Daniel Kalyanapu's church, as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. I always count it a privilege to speak to Pastor Daniel's people, and this event makes it even more special. Then I will be preparing to kick-off the Bible Conference, as my senior pastor, Charles Schmitt, travels here, having been delayed because of the blizzard. (I didn't plan on speaking right away at the conference, but that's what snow delays will do...)

I intend to post to this Blog daily, as we minister at the Bible Conference, Bible School graduation, and crusade. Keep following, and please leave your comments!


Elaine Lewis said…
Miss you honey!!
Brad Lewis said…
I miss you too...
Anonymous said…
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