Tuesday, March 05, 2013

India 2.0

My son Zach and I leave for India this Thursday! This will be my 10th mission trip there, but will be an entirely new experience for me because I will be sharing it with my son. We are both incredibly excited!

We leave very early on Thursday from our respective airports (he from Ft. Lauderdale, me from Pensacola) and will connect in Dallas for the flight together to Dubai, and then on to Hyderabad.

As I have been preparing for the upcoming trip, I came up with a list of what I am looking forward to:
  • My son will be joining me, and we will get to experience the India I have grown to love... Together!
  • We will be conducting medical camps in remote villages in the Himalayan mountains.
  • We will once again partner with Pastor Daniel Kalyanapu of Ecclesia Ministries.
  • I will have the opportunity to preach God's Word to non-Christians and see them come to Christ, and pray for the sick and crippled, seeing God work miracles.
  • My son will be filming a documentary of the work in India.
  • I will rekindle the relationships I have developed with friends, pastors, doctors, and the Indian people whom I minister alongside of.
  • The noise, the smells, the people, the experience of India.
  • We will be extending the work of the two ministries I am connected to here in the US: GraceChurch, and Immanuel's Church.
  • Great Indian food! (Although my wife has become quite the Indian Culinary Master.)
  • The time spent with my son will be invaluable...
If I haven't already mentioned it, we are both incredibly excited!

Thank you to those who have supported this endeavor financially. Thank you to those who are praying for my son and myself.
Follow our trip right here on this Blog. I will be updating regularly.
It is going to be a great trip and a great time of ministry!

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