Wednesday, March 13, 2013

India 2.0 - Day 5

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The Indian railway system: Hour 23, the city of Jheansi. We pass the time with conversation, reading, and trip planning. And of course sleeping at night.

Zach has been in full creative mode: Filming the countryside from the moving train, creating time-lapse sequences, and shooting interviews.

Because of reservation challenges, our team of seven is not in the same car, but separated in two different ones. Pastor Daniel, Dr. Srinivas, Zach, and myself are sharing a compartment (curtains separate the compartments and the walkway). Dr. Pratibha, our pharmacist Lalitha, and Mark Peter (the pastor who organized the two-night meeting in the communist village) make up the other car's occupants.

The stops are limited on this train, so just about every time we do stop Zach and I jump off and take some footage during the 5 minute layover. The platforms are a wild mix of passengers, vendors, food carts, and freight to be transported. At this stop, I saw two policeman transporting prisoners (see pic).

India... Thanks for following!

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