Tuesday, March 12, 2013

India 2.0 - Day Four

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I have learned to expect the unexpected...

Last night, what was planned as an evangelistic service turned into a service where over 300 people came forward for prayer.  And I was tasked with praying for each of them individually. After I prayed for each person, Pastor Daniel spoke to them and had several share their testimony through the mic so others could be encouraged.

It was a big night with a big presence of God and big miracles!

Today was a day of preparation for our train journey to Punjab and Kashmir. Zach, Jesher and I went into the city once more, this time to purchase some extra memory for backing up the film project Zach is working on.

Then it was divide and pack: We had to trim from our luggage anything that was not absolutely necessary, both personally and technically. We are very limited to how much we can carry on the train and in the hired cars, so trimming was required.

One of our team's doctors has arrived, and in just a few moments we will head for the train station where we will be joined by our other doctor, and then board the train for the north.

We have a 34 hour train ride ahead. This will be the fourth time I have made this journey, but it doesn't make it any shorter. I will have the team to spend time with, will meet people on the train and engage them, and of course will have some good time with my son.

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Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

The Orient Express! You will survive!

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